Retention Tools (Beta)

Upmind's Retention Tools help you manage overdue subscriptions and recently canceled products. They effectively manage efforts aimed at reducing customer churn by offering a clear dashboard with all at-risk subscriptions and providing contract details such as contract status, billing cycle, pricing, and renewal date.

You can categorise reasons for lost subscriptions, and also track your retentions process.

Retentions Dashboard

You can easily access the UI under the Billing tab -> Retention (Beta), where you will find detailed information about the contract product status.

Monitor the retention journey of each contract with statuses such as Flagged, In Progress, Lost, Saved. It will help you intervene and communicate effectively with customers to resolve issues, increasing the chances of retaining subscriptions before they lapse.


Retentions (Beta)

  • Flagged indicates that the subscription or contract product has been cancelled or has gone overdue.
  • In Progress - contracts with this status are actively being worked on by the retention team or customer care. It typically indicates that efforts are underway to save the subscription.
  • Lost indicates that the subscription has been lost and is past the point of being saved.
  • Saved indicates that the subscription has been successfully retained. It shows that the retention efforts were effective in preventing the cancellation of the subscription.

Customize Retention Reasons

You can define custom reasons which can be manually assigned to retention cards. You can create as many as you like and use them freely within the retention system. To create a custom reason, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Find Retention Reasons under the Miscellaneous Heading.
  3. Click Create Custom Reasons.

Custom Retention Reason

  1. Fill in the reason and hit Save button.

Create Retention Reason

Create Default Retention Reasons

You can also add the default retention reasons and assigning to the specific retention status.


Create Default Retention Reason

On the Retention UI, you will be able to flag the card, see the reason option, add additional notes, and view the activity log.


As this feature is in Beta, if there are any enhancements or changes, we will update the guide thoroughly.