How Do My Clients Create Contract Delegates

Your customers can add third parties to a subscription

In a previous article, we showed you how Admins, store staff, and clients can add delegates to a ticket. This article describes another way to use the delegate tool. In addition to enhancing internal communication with your store Admins and staff, the delegate tool gives clients the ability to bring third parties into their store account.

Use case example

Here's a scenario to demonstrate the delegate tool in action.

  • Company A is a web hosting reseller.
  • Company B purchases a web hosting contract for two years.
  • Company B adds Dev Team 1 as a delegate to redesign Company B's website.

The delegate tool gives Dev Team 1 access to the web hosting contract but not full access to Company B's entire online platform (as might be the case if Dev Team 1 were added as a user with extensive permissions).

Access rights

Any client can invite one or more delegates to access the client-side of a contract with your Upmind store. These delegates can:

  • view contract product registration, renewal dates, and status
  • undertake provisioning actions (e.g. log in to a hosting account, update domain nameservers)
  • create support tickets in relation to the contract product
  • view tickets others have created in relation to the contract product, from the point that they were added as a delegate

These delegates cannot:

  • manage billing for a contract product
  • cancel, upgrade, or modify the contract product
  • add or remove delegates


Clients can invite delegates to access a subscription contract. This feature does not work with one-off purchases.

Inviting a delegate

The first step is to open a contract and invite a delegate. The client should:

  1. Log in to the store account.
  2. Click the Products & Services menu tab.

Click Products & Services tab

  1. Click Subscriptions on the left side menu.
  2. Under the Subscriptions heading, select a contract.
  3. Click the Delegates menu tab.

Click Delegates tab

  1. Click the Invite delegate button.
  2. Enter the delegate's email address.
  3. Click Send invite.


To receive an invite, the delegate must have a store account.


Enter delegate email

Delegate view

The delegate receives an email message with a link to accept the invitation.


Delegate email

After clicking the accept link, Upmind displays the delegate account under the Products & Services menu tab.


Delegate account

Cancelling delegate access

The client can cancel delegate access to the contract at any time.

  1. Click the Products & Services menu tab.
  2. Click the contract.
  3. Click the Delegates menu tab.
  4. Hover the person icon next to Accepted.
  5. Click Revoke access. Upmind removes the delegate from the contract.

Click Revoke access