About Multi-Currency

Automate currency conversions

This article describes how Upmind uses multiple currency options through the sales process.


We have default support for USD, GBP, INR, EUR, AUD and MAD currencies as the 'base currency'. We can add others on request - just ask us.

Home Currency

Your store has a home currency, which Upmind calls the store currency. The price of every product or service in your store is set with that currency.

Based on your store currency and current market exchange rates, you can display products and services to a global audience with automatic currency conversions.


Set the store currency as soon as you create your Upmind store on the business settings page.

Managing Currencies

Currencies can be added and removed by associating them with payment gateways. When a currency is added to a payment gateway, then it will show in your store as a currency option.


In the above image, the currencies available on the store are EUR, GBP and USD.

Store Currency

By default, a client visiting your store will see prices in your brand currency.

You can override the currency they see by passing the 'currency' get variable in your URL for instance https://shop.brand.com/order/shop?currency=USD

Product pricing

Upmind gives you several currency options when setting prices.

  1. Manually set prices for one or more currencies

Set prices

  1. Choose the auto-convert display feature. Upmind automatically converts home currency prices to the client's preferred currency.

Choose Make available

Exchange rates

Upmind automatically pulls day rates for currency conversions. You can control how Upmind adjusts prices in response to fluctuating exchange rates.

  1. Go to the Upmind dashboard.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Currencies tile.

Recurring price calculation

Set the price adjustment (if any) of recurring products or services.

  1. Click the field.
  2. Select an option. The choices are:
  • Keep the original rate.
  • Recalculate the price with the current exchange rate.
  • Use current rates but keep the same price for current clients.

Choose recalculate


Check the box to automatically calculate missing currency prices.


Calculate missing prices

Wallet balances

Client wallets can hold multiple currencies. You can customise how these funds are used to settle an invoice balance.

  1. Go to the Upmind dashboard.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Payment options tile.
  4. Check the box to convert wallet funds to the payment currency. (optional)
  5. Check the box to automatically draw funds from the wallet to settle an automatic payment that is due. (optional)

Settle due payment automatically