How to Add Client Custom Fields

Collect and save structured data

Video tutorial

In this video tutorial we cover:

  • How to create client custom fields.
  • What the different settings on client custom fields mean.
  • How to segment clients by custom fields.

Custom field placement

Add custom fields to the Create account window or checkout basket to collect and store additional structured data against customer records. You can collect a wide range of data types, including:

  • client information (e.g. age, date of birth, favourite band)
  • answers to questions (e.g. How did you find us?)
  • verification information (e.g. support pin numbers)

Custom fields are especially powerful because you can use them to search and categorise clients. Clients can optionally view and edit their custom field information through their self-service client area. You can also choose to display custom field information on the invoices that you send clients.

  • If you want to create unstructured notes against a client, you can use Upmind's client notes.

Defining custom fields

  1. Open the Upmind Admin dashboard and click the Settings button.
  2. Click the Client custom fields tile.
  3. Click the Create custom field button.
  4. Click the field under CUSTOM FIELD NAME and select an option on the drop-down menu.


Text input

  • A free form text field (ideal for short answers).
Text inputText input

Text input


  • A password text field that obscures the data.
Enter passwordEnter password

Enter password


  • Create a drop-down menu.
  • Click the Add option button to add items to the drop-down menu.
Select optionSelect option

Select option


  • A Yes - No tick box.
  • A checked box means Yes.
  • The default setting is unchecked (No).
Yes - No tick box.Yes - No tick box.

Yes - No tick box.

Text area

  • Clients enter a long-form response.
Text fieldText field

Text field


  • Clients click the field and enter a date with the calendar.
Enter a dateEnter a date

Enter a date


  • Clients click the field and enter a number.
Enter a numberEnter a number

Enter a number


  • Clients click the field and upload an image file.

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