How to add a Plesk Server

Plesk Authentication Options

Upmind connects to Plesk using the Plesk API. You can either use your Plesk username and password, or you can generate a secret key by following their documentation.

Adding a Plesk Server

To add a Plesk server add the details as follows (with your correct hostname and username and password or secret key).

Creating Packages

Plesk calls packages Service Plans. You need to add a Service Plan in Plesk and add this as your service identifier in Upmind.

The service plan name here is 'PlanOne'

The service plan name here is 'PlanOne'


Plesk supports auto-login. When you or your client clicks 'Login to Control Panel' when request an SSO link which is tied to the IP you request it with. You are then automatically redirected an logged into Plesk.