How to create free trials

Free trials allow you to create a period of free service for a specific product and define what happens at the end of the free period.

At the end of a trial period, there are three options.

  • The subscription can continue, renewing at it's normal billing cycle and price
  • The subscription can be automatically cancelled
  • The subscription can be automatically migrated to a different product

Free Trial Options

To enable a free trial for a specific product:

  1. Navigate to settings> Product Catalogue
  2. Select the product you want to create a trial for or create a new one.
  3. Navigate to Billing and then Product Trial. You will see the following options.

Forcing a Trial

You can choose to make a trial optional or forced. If a trial is not forced, then clients can choose to not opt for the trial when ordering the product in your order system.

Pre-expired notification

This is the number of days before the trial expires to trigger any actions you have configured (For example emails to clients)

End of Trial Actions

  • Continue is the default action, which simply then continues the product as normal after the trial period.
  • Migrate will move the trial to another product. This will run any associated change product provisioning commands, useful for changing the product a client gets or setting different package limits.
  • Cancel will end the trial

Client options

When a client has a product on the trial, this shows in their client area.

They have the option to end the trial early which moves the trial to the end of trial and will continue/migrate/cancel the trial as per the above options.