How Impersonating a Client Works

Experience your store from the client perspective

Impersonation allows you to log in as a client and see things as they do. Upmind temporarily removes you from your current status (e.g. Admin or store staff) gives you client access to your store. You have the same access rights and limits as that client.

The impersonation feature lets you review the store's UI, view the catalogue, and inspect the checkout flow. You can even complete a purchase with the client's payment credentials.

Accessing impersonation mode

  1. Log in to Upmind.
  2. Click Clients on the left menu.
  3. Click the Clients list menu tab.
  4. Click a client name.
  5. Click the Manage client button.
  6. Click Impersonate client on the drop-down menu.
  • A new browser tab displays with a bar across the top of the screen.

Bar indicates impersonation status

Exiting impersonation mode

To stop impersonating a client and return to your status, click the "click here to end" link at the top of the screen.