How to Create Staff Users

Add unlimited users to your organisation

You can add an unlimited number of staff users to your organisation. Each staff user has their own login, and all activity is logged forever in Upmind.

Assign different permissions and access rights to each staff user if you like. For example, you can have specific accounts staff, support staff, or product managers. Or you could give each staff member full access.



Only admins can manage staff permissions. Any staff member can be made an administrator by another Admin.

Review current users

To see a list of current users:

  1. Go to the Admin dashboard.
  2. Click Settings on the left pane.
  3. Click the Staff users tile.
  • Upmind displays a list of names on the Staff users page.

Staff Users page

Creating staff users

  1. Click the Add user button on the Staff users page.

Click Add user

  1. Fill in the fields.
  2. Click Save.

Add user name

Managing a user

After you create a user, Upmind displays the Staff Overview page. Here you can manage user information and set brand access.

  • You can also click a name on the Staff users page to open the Staff overview page.

Account password

Click this account button to force the user to change their password. Upmind sends the user an email with a link to change their password.


Reset account password

User permissions

  1. Click a toggle switch to enable or disable user access to a brand. By default, the toggle is in the OFF position.

Set user permissions


Upmind displays a separate toggle switch for each brand if the organisation has multiple brands.

  • If you created one or more user groups, use the checkboxes to control access at a granular level.

Assign access at a granular level

  1. Click the Administrator toggle switch to the Yes (blue) position and assign admin permissions. That means full access to all brands. By default, the toggle is in the No position.

Add Admin user

  1. Click Save.

Deleting a user

  1. Open the Staff users page.
  2. Click the gear icon.
  3. Click Delete.

User gear icon

Editing user permissions

  1. Open the Staff users page.
  2. Click the gear icon.
  3. Click Manage user.