How to add Stripe as a payment method

Stripe is a popular payment method that accepts Credit and Debit cards. It can be easily linked with Upmind as a payment method. Our implementation is transparent (as in the client is not sent off to Stripe's payment pages), and allows the clients to enter card data that is sent to Stipe and tokenised with them.

A token is then stored in Upmind, along with an identifier for the card (last four digits, card type, expiry date). The full card data is never stored by Upmind.

Setting up Stripe is straightforward. Go to Settings > Payment providers in your admin area. Then click Add new Provider and choose Stripe.

In the screenshot above, Test Mode defines whether you want to be in Stripe test mode, and stored defines whether you want to allow clients to store cards or simply to use them for one-time purchases.

Generate your Stripe API Key

In stripe you need to get your API key. Go to Developers and then

  • either copy your Secret Key
  • or generate a Restricted Key with the following write access:
    • PaymentIntents
    • Customers
    • PaymentMethods,
    • SetupIntents and
    • Charges
Copy the Secret KeyCopy the Secret Key

Copy the Secret Key

Copy this key and then paste it into the Key section in the Upmind configuration area.

Changing the Stripe Statement Description

The Stripe statement description can be changed under Settings > Payment Options

Indian Stripe customers

For customers in India using Stripe that are not sole traders, you can only accept INR as a currency through Stripe. Stripe's error is as follows:

As per Indian regulations, only registered Indian businesses (i.e. sole proprietorships, limited liability partnerships and companies, but not individuals) can accept international payments. More info here:

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