Storing Client Notes and Secrets

The "Vault" is a way of sharing information about a client or client service.

Notes and Secrets can be

  • Plain text or encrypted
  • Visible (and editable) by the client, or hidden from the client
  • Attached to a client, or attached to a client service.
  • Pinned, so they have priority over others
  • Edited and Deleted

Example use cases include:

  • A client sharing external login details with support
  • Staff members leaving notes about clients (not visible to clients)
  • Providing clients with access information about their services

Adding Notes and Secrets

To add notes or secrets to a client profile simply navigate to their profile and find the Vault section. You can view and add assets.

To add notes to a product navigate to the product and click the 'Notes and Secrets' tab.

Client View

Clients can view their notes and secrets in their client area under My Account > Notes and Secrets. They can also view it from a support ticket directly.