How to Format Email Templates

Use HTML and Twig snippets

Email templates consist of three elements: text, HTML, and snippets of Twig code. This article shows you how to properly format templates used to create and send bulk client messages as well as emails sent to a single client.


The same template structure (text, HTML, and Twig code) is used to create notifications (automated trigger-based messages).

Formatting text

Text in the Body can be formatted with basic HTML.

  • Use <br /> to create line breaks.
Use **br  /** inside <> to insert line breaksUse **br  /** inside <> to insert line breaks

Use br / inside <> to insert line breaks

Adding snippets

Code snippets can insert dynamic content into the message when a receiver opens the email message.

To insert a snippet:

  1. Scroll down the screen and click a menu tab. Each tab holds a different collection of related code snippets.
  • The tab options vary depending on the type of message you create.
Click a menu tabClick a menu tab

Click a menu tab

  1. Click a snippet to copy the code to the clipboard.
  2. Click a spot in the Subject or Body field.
  3. Paste the code into the field.
  4. Add more snippets as required.
  5. Click Save.
  • Upmind displays the message on the page.
Draft bulk action templateDraft bulk action template

Draft bulk action template


Email templates are built with Twig codes. To learn more about this code syntax, open the Twig site.

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