How to Format Email Templates

Use HTML and Twig snippets

Email templates consist of three elements: text, HTML, and snippets of Twig code. This article shows you how to properly format templates used to create and send bulk client messages as well as emails sent to a single client.


The same template structure (text, HTML, and Twig code) is used to create notifications (automated trigger-based messages).

Formatting text

Text in the Body can be formatted with basic HTML.

  • Use <br /> to create line breaks.

Use br / inside <> to insert line breaks

Adding snippets

Code snippets can insert dynamic content into the message when a receiver opens the email message.

To insert a snippet:

  1. Scroll down the screen and click a menu tab. Each tab holds a different collection of related code snippets.
  • The tab options vary depending on the type of message you create.

Click a menu tab

  1. Click a snippet to copy the code to the clipboard.
  2. Click a spot in the Subject or Body field.
  3. Paste the code into the field.
  4. Add more snippets as required.
  5. Click Save.
  • Upmind displays the message on the page.

Draft bulk action template


Email templates are built with Twig codes. To learn more about this code syntax, open the Twig site.