How to Create Ticket Delegates

Share messages with a group

The Delegate tool works a bit like a social media post. It's a place where your store customers and leads can answer a question, comment on a topic, and read what others post.

Store owners and staff use delegates to build a community, stay in contact with the audience, and initiate sales touches without hard selling or a clever marketing campaign.

Before you start

  • You add delegates to an existing ticket. Any active ticket created by a customer, Admin or store staff can have a delegate.
  • You can add any delegate to a ticket.
  • Only admins and store staff can add delegates to a ticket. Store customers can't add delegates.
  • Delegates are people who have a store account.

Adding delegates

In this scenario, the store admin wants to ask some customers about the coffee beans they purchased recently. It was a special blend offered for a limited time. The admin has a list of customers who purchased the special beans online.

The admin uses the delegate tool to survey customer reactions to the special blend of coffee beans.

Creating a ticket

The first step is to create a ticket for a single customer. The admin creates a ticket with the survey questions.


Creating a ticket

Adding delegates

The next step is to add delegates to the ticket.

  1. Hover the client ticket tile.
  2. Click the three-dot icon.
  3. Select Manage delegates.

Manage delegates

  1. On the Ticket delegate access panel, click Invite delegate.
  2. Enter the person's email address in the popup window.
  3. Click Send invite.

Send invite

Upmind sends the person an email message with an invite and displays their name with the Invited status.


Invited status

Client experience

Upmind sends the client an email message with an accept link.

  • No further action can be taken until the client clicks that link.

Client clicks accept link

If the client accepts the invitation to be a delegate, an active ticket displays on their dashboard.

  • The ticket has a share icon.

Ticket with share icon

The client clicks the ticket name. The ticket opens on a new page.

  • The client can read all of the messages in the ticket thread.
  • The client can enter a response and click Post to publish a message on the thread.


Every delegate with access to this ticket can read the posts in the thread.


Client can enter response

Store owner experience

After the client accepts the link, the delegate status changes from Invited to Accepted.


Status changes to Accepted

If a client (delegate) posts a message to a ticket thread, Upmind changes the status of the ticket to Client replied.


Client reply

Click the ticket to read the client post in the ticket thread.


Client posts in ticket thread

Removing a delegate

To prevent a client from posting in a ticket thread, revoke their delegate status.

  1. Hover the client ticket tile.
  2. Click the three-dot icon.
  3. Select Manage delegates.

Manage delegates

  1. Click the Revoke access icon.
  • Upmind removes the client from the delegate list.

Click Revoke access


Upmind immediately removes delegate access to a ticket after the admin or staff user clicks the Revoke icon.