How to Configure Your Brand Settings

Customise your name, logo, and more

The Brand settings screen are some of the basic configuration options you would want to make for your brand - such as name and logo.


If you have multiple brands, all of these settings are configured per brand.

Opening the brand settings dashboard

  1. On the Upmind dashboard, click Settings.

Upmind brand settings

  1. Click Brand settings

Click Brand settings

Customising brand settings


This is your Brand name, like Microsoft or Audi. This is the name you refer to yourself with clients. This can be changed at any point.


This is the country where your brand is based, you also can add resign as optional. We use this location to calculate tax.


Brand name and country

Supported languages

Add languages that your customers can access on their account pages. (optional)

  • Upmind automatically sets English as the default language.

Supported languages

Default language

English is the default customer interface language.

  • To change the interface language, select one or more languages in the Supported Language box. These options then appear in the Default language drop-down menu.

Product descriptions and emails are automatically translated to the default language if you have not specified translations.

Primary Colour and Logo

  • Choose your brand colour. This option changes the theme in your client login area.

  • Select a logo. This image displays in email messages and in the client area.


e-commerce store logo