How to Add Opayo as a Payment Method

Set up Opayo to take payments in Upmind

In this guide, we set up Opayo, which is a popular payment method in the UK and Ireland. The company processes online, telephone, and face-to-face payments.

Adding a Payment Provider

In Upmind, navigate to Settings>Payment providers. Then click Add payment provider.

Choose Opayo.

Adding details

Scroll down the page and add details.

  1. Enter a display name. We suggest Opayo.
  2. Click the Test Mode field and an option.
  3. Enter your Vendor name.
  4. Click the Stored field and select No.
  5. Click the Test Credentials button to verify your account.
  6. Scroll through the list of credit cards and toggle off card types. The default setting is all On.
  7. Add currencies (optional).
  8. Enter payment instructions. (optional)
  9. Click Create.

Editing the payment method

You can change or update the payment method. Go to the Payment providers page, click the gear icon, and select Edit.