How Do Delegates Work?

Clients share access to their products and support tickets


Delegates allow a client to grant access to one or more of their contract products to another client in your brand. This would allow their delegate to view management actions and create support tickets relating to this product.

Delegates can also be added to a specific support ticket.

Access Rights

When added to a contract product, a delegate can:

  • View contract product registration and renewal dates and status.
  • Undertake provisioning actions (e.g. log in to a hosting account, update domain nameservers)
  • Create support tickets in relation to the contract product.
  • View tickets others have created in relation to the contract product, from the point that they were added as a delegate.

A delegate can not:

  • manage billing for a contract product
  • cancel, upgrade, or modify the contract product
  • add or remove delegates

Support Tickets

When a support ticket is created and a contract product is selected as a related product by either the owner or a delegate, the ticket will automatically include all contract product delegates.

Delegates can also be added (or removed) standalone from individual support tickets.

Upmind will not add new delegates to support tickets, or remove existing delegates from support tickets, should they be changed on the contract product.