How to Add Bank Transfer as a Payment Method

Let customers wire money to your account

A bank transfer moves funds from one banking institution to another often without the need to handle cash. Customers can send money via an app or offline. This method is often preferred by customers who are unwilling (or are unable) to enter credit card information on a website.

Suggested process

When a customer chooses this payment method at the checkout and completes a transaction, configure your store to automatically send an order number with detailed bank account information. At a minimum, the order would include your:

  • bank name and address
  • account number
  • SWIFT code

Once you confirm receipt of payment, mark the invoice paid and process the order.

Adding a payment provider

In Upmind, navigate to Settings -> Payment providers. Then click Add payment provider. Choose Bank Transfer on the next page.

Adding details

Scroll down the page and add details.

  1. Enter a display name.
  2. Add currencies (optional).
  3. Enter payment instructions.
  4. Click Create.

What the customer sees

Upmind displays payment instructions on the checkout page if the customer chooses the bank transfer payment method.

Editing the payment method

You can change or update the payment method. Go to the Payment Providers page, click the three dots, and select Edit.