What is an Organisation?

It's your Upmind account, and more

What is an Organisation?

An organisation is simply our name for an Upmind account. In most instances, your organisation will be the same as your brand name.

We make a distinction between an organisation and your brand because an organisation can have multiple brands.

To manage additional brands within your Upmind organisation go to Settings > Brands.

Multi-brand vs. organisations

As a general rule, we recommend using one organisation with mulitple-brands as long as the businesses are under the same legal entity.

If the businesses are separate entities, you should register a standalone Upmind organisation for each business.

What is 'organisation mode'

When you have multiple brands enabled, you can view data in two ways:

  • By toggling between brands
  • By choosing organisation mode. This presents data for all of your brands at once.