Admin Area vs. Client Area

Separate spaces for clients and staff

Upmind includes an Admin area for you and your staff. It also includes a client login area where your customers can manage their own accounts and place orders.

Here we explain the differences.

Admin area

  • Accessible at or, if you set up a custom domain.
  • Must be a staff user to log in.
  • Depending on credentials, lets you manage client data with the impersonation feature.

Client area

  • Accessible at or, if you set up a custom domain,
  • Requires a client login.
  • Allow clients to place new orders
  • New clients can register at the register screen.

Staff users can impersonate clients from the admin area.


Widgets are embedded onto your frontend site (or elsewhere) with a snippet of code. For example:

  • Pricing cards
  • Domain search tools
  • Login forms

This code does not require a login and accesses information that is available as guests.

API access

Upmind is API-first, which means that all functionality is available via API. Our Admin area, client area and widgets are simply first party uses of that API. You in theory could build an entirely custom front-end Admin or client area yourself. If you look at your browser XHR requests, you will see the API calls made on each page.

We will be adding detailed API documentation to this knowledge-base at a later date. To use our API you first request a token. This token is classified as user, client or guest.