What If Your Product or Service is Not Showing?

When certain products or services are not visible in your frontend cart, there could be various reasons. This article guides you on how to ensure your products or services are displayed in your store.

  1. Make sure you've added payment gateways that support your currency
    Without payment gateways, products cannot be displayed as there's no means for customers to make payments.
    You can check the payment gateway in Settings > Go to Payment Providers. In detail, you can refer to the article on adding a payment gateway

  2. Ensure the catalog is activated

    To display your product catalog for your customers, you can Go to Settings > Click User Interface

In the Client Area, check Show Catalog

You have three options in the "Show Catalog" settings:

  • Always Show
  • Show to Logged in
  • Hide

To make your product visible to the customer, select "Always Show."

  1. Make sure your products have prices, especially in the default price-lists
    Upmind comes with a default single price list that establishes fundamental pricing for each product or service.

    In detail, you can refer to the article on How to Create Price Lists