How to Configure Business Settings

Customise default store options

Customise default e-commerce options for your store and add contact information.

Opening the Settings page

  1. On the Upmind dashboard, click Settings.

Upmind store settings

  1. On the next page, click the Business settings tile.

Customising data fields

Store Currency

Click the field and set the base currency for your Upmind store. Automatic currency conversions, if required to complete a transaction, are based on this selection.



After completing your first sale, you cannot change the base currency. If you only have test orders, you can request to reset your client and order data which will then allow you to change your brand's base currency.


Set currency choice

Store contact details

This information appears on your invoices. Upmind auto-fills the email address. Add your phone number. (optional)


Add e-commerce store phone number

Store address

Enter your legal business name and address. This information appears on your invoices.


Enter the e-commerce store address

Applied promotions

Click the toggle to the ON position to enable this control.

  • When enabled, automatically apply promotions to eligible items in your store.
  • When disabled, the client must enter a code to get the discount.

E-commerce stores apply promotions