How to Link Hexonet with Upmind

Hexonet is a domain registrar that wholesale sells domain names.

You can easily link Hexonet with Upmind in order to sell domain names.

You will need a Hexonet account.

Linking to Hexonet

  1. In Upmind go to Host Control on the side menu.
  2. Click the Hexonet logo
  3. You will be prompted to enter a username and password.
  4. Save
  5. Verify the information on the Settings page.

If you want to use your main Hexonet user, you need to disable 2FA.

Creating sub users in Hexonet

If you want to keep 2fa on your Hexonet account you will need to create a sub user.

  1. Log into your Hexonet account, go to Settings > Shared Access, then click "+ New Role User"
  2. Fill the "Role ID" and password, and ensure "Default Access" is set to ALLOW and "Status" is set to ACTIVE, then press "Next"
  3. Leave the ACL blank and press "Next" again
  4. Fill in Upmind's outgoing IP addresses to restrict this user to only being accessed by the Upmind system - These are the Upmind IP Addresses
  5. In Upmind when configuring Hexonet, the username will be the Role ID of your main account, joined by an exclamation mark (!) with the Role ID of the sub user you just created, so in the below case the username would be "uphlewis!upmind.