Recommended TLD billing settings

Top-Level Domain suggestions

When adding domain name TLDs we make recommendations for the billing periods and automations you set. There are thousands of possible extensions available. Depending on the TLD and the provider you use, there may be different restrictions.

The majority of domain name TLDs have renewal cycles along the following lines:

  • Registration available for 1 - 10 years.
  • Can only be renewed in periods that match those years exactly (i.e. no 3.5 year registrations)
  • The domain expires on its expiry date but remains in 'grace' for approximately 40 days.
  • The domains can then be redeemed at a higher cost for an additional 40 days.

When transferring in domains that already exist, domains are usually extended or one year as part of the transfer.

However, some TLDs have very different rules and various domain registrars have their own conditions placed on top. For example, Enom has different rules than Hexonet when it comes to .ch domains.

In Upmind, domains are a product you can configure like any other, and you can apply conditions individually to each domain product you add.

However, you may have hundreds of domain products, and therefore to make it simpler, we prompt recommendations when you are adding and managing TLDs.

Current recommendations

This table includes our current recommendations. These are advisory only and subject to change, so please check with your domain provider before applying them.

TLDYearsMin lengthMax lengthGrace periodLate RenewRedemptionDue date priorManual renewal allowedMax registration years

If you believe the above data to be incorrect please suggest an edit to this guide.