How to Add Brands

Manage multiple brands

This article shows Upmind store owners how to add brands to their catalogue.

When you create your Upmind account, you start an organisation. As an organisation, you subscribe to an Upmind plan and sell products or services. Later, you might add staff. In most cases, one organisation has a single brand with one or more products or services.

Your organisation and brand probably have the same name. It is possible to create new brand names and place multiple brands under a single organisation umbrella. Upmind allows an organisation to manage multiple brands with the same (or different) staff users while sharing products, payment methods, and more.


Users must have administrative permissions to add brands.

Adding brands

  1. On the Upmind dashboard, click Settings.
  2. On the next page, click Multiple brands.

Select Brands

  1. Click the Create brand button.

Create a new brand

  1. Complete the fields.
  2. Click Save. The Brand settings page displays.
  3. [Configure the settings] (how-to-configure-your-brand) for this brand.

Fill in the fields


The brand name. It is visible to clients and appears on your invoices.

Company email address

The default source for email notifications. It can be the same address as your organisation.

Company address and phone

This information appears on all invoices.

Switching brand views

When you have more than one brand, Upmind displays a drop-down menu on the page. Use the menu to quickly switch between brands.

If your store has more than one brand, you are required to choose a specific brand on some pages.


Switch brand view

On some pages, (e.g. client view, invoice view) you can set the view to Organisation mode. This adds an additional column to tables and allows you to view records for multiple brands at the same time.

  1. To switch brands on the Upmind dashboard, click the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Select brand organisation

  1. Select a brand.

Select a brand

  • The Settings dashboard displays for that brand.
  1. Repeat steps to switch brands or return to the Organisation view.