How Does the Affiliate System Work

Build a referral network

The Upmind affiliate system lets you reward affiliates for referring clients and orders to your business. Affiliates can generate unique links which connect orders to their account. You can choose to credit your affiliate with a commission, and even allow them to automatically withdraw their credit.


For example, you might pay an affiliate $5 for every referral they send to your store or pay them 20% of the order value.

What is an affiliate system?

Affiliate systems are relatively common and commonly fall into three categories:

  • Individuals who may be referring a friend.
  • Blog and high ranking sites make money by driving affiliate sales on linked websites. This is called affiliate marketing.
  • Other businesses that may refer to your business in bulk.

Enabling the affiliate system in Upmind

The affiliate system is disabled by default. It can be easily enabled under Settings > Affiliates.

You will see two key options:

  1. To enable the affiliate system as a whole, scroll down the screen and select Enabled next to Upmind Affiliates. This enables staff to manage affiliates and generate affiliate links. With only this option enabled, your clients will not be able to manage their own affiliate account. The affiliate system, therefore, works as an internal tool for you.
  2. To enable customer controls, select Customer Controls Enabled. This gives your clients the ability to enable and manage the affiliate system in their client area.

Calculations and commissions are based on your default brand currency (see below). You can choose whether you want clients to view their affiliate balance in your default brand currency or in their account currency.


  • Track affiliate link clicks and referrals
  • Setting affiliate tiers and commission amounts
  • Configure maturation and payout delays/thresholds
  • Customer controls

Get Started

Follow our guide to learn how to configure your own affiliate program on Upmind