How to Add & Manage Clients

A suite of client management tools


Upmind can keep unlimited records of your clients and store sets of emails, addresses and companies. The system is also extensible, so custom fields can be added as required.

Upmind is designed so that your clients can register themselves through your website, usually by placing their first order. However, you can also choose to add clients yourself.

Opening the Clients dashboard

  1. Log in to Upmind.
  2. Click Clients on the left menu.

The Clients page provides a broad overview of client activity with stats, charts, and lists. From here, you can explore details by clicking a link.


Click any client name to open the Clients overview page.


Clients page

Adding a client

It is possible to manually add clients to your e-commerce site.

  1. Open the Clients page.
  2. Click the Add client button.
  3. Fill the fields.
  4. Leave the toggle switch in the Allow Login position.
  5. Click Add client.

Add client

Upmind sends the client an email message with a verification link. You can track that client's activity on the Client overview page.


Track client activity


If the Allow login switch is ON, Upmind sends the client a notification email and verification link. If the switch is OFF, you can create a user but that person does not receive a notification email and cannot log in to your e-commerce site.

An email address is only required if you are giving them login access.

Disable login use cases

The disable feature can protect your business by blocking fraudulent clients from accessing your store.

This feature can also be used to record cash transactions. You could, for instance, create a client account but disable the login. When the client pays cash for an item, use Upmind to create a record and generate accurate sales reports.

Filtering client list

You can sort client names with filters.

  1. Click the Clients list menu tab.
  2. Click an option under the Quick filters heading.

Sort client names

Managing clients

The Clients overview page gives you several tools to manage clients.

  1. Click a client name. The Client overview page displays.
  2. Click the three dots near the client's name and email.

Manage client button

Client supports PIN is a unique code used to securely verify your client's identity when they contact customer support.

Place new quick order Allows you to quickly create and submit new orders for both new and existing products and services.

Place new order Open the client's store in your window. You can order products on behalf of your client.

Open new ticket Quickly create a new ticket for this client.

Impersonate client Get complete access to the client's store account. To close the impersonation, go to the banner at the top of the page and click the click here to end link.

Attach child account Allows you to link a subordinate account to a primary account, facilitating management and access control for different users or teams.

Link to a parent Refers to the process of connecting a subordinate account to a primary account, enabling easier management and access control for different users or teams.

Merge client data Move the current client's data to another client account.

Delete Remove the client account from your store.


Merge client data

Importing Clients

If you already have client using an external system, you may want to bulk import these clients directly in to Upmind. Navigate to Settings > Imports to view import options.