Order Options Overview

Customise invoices and client view of your store

The Order Options page lets you customise the appearance of invoices, enable guest checkout, configure basket settings, and more.

Opening the Order Options page

To open the Order Options page:

  1. Log in to your Upmind account,

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click the Order options tile.

Invoice settings

At the top of the Order Options page, you can configure invoice settings:

  • invoice numbering
  • due dates for recurring and non-recurring invoices
  • when invoices are generated relative to the renewal date

Guest checkout

Enable or disable guest checkout. Use this feature to control customer access to the checkout area.

Discount for options

When enabled, this feature automatically applies a product discount to related product options in the basket.

Abandoned basket

Customise this setting to define an abandoned basket.


Customise information in the basket and related notifications, including:

  • Pay Later option
  • Promo prices
  • Generate a ticket when a customer adds a note to the basket

Pro Forma Invoices

If you have services that require a pro forma invoice to ensure all parties agree to the transaction details before finalizing the sale, Upmind provides this functionality for you.

  • Choose which types of invoices you want to mark as pro forma
  • Enable/Disable to exclude pro-forma invoices from reports.


If you want to consolidate your invoice, we provide you with several options such as:

  • Enable or disable invoice consolidation support.
  • Give access to staff
  • Set rules and specify the date of the month for consolidation, along with intervals for recurring consolidation