What are Affiliate Links and How do they work?

Affiliate links are URLs which your affiliates can use to send a user to a page on your website, while setting up a cookie to track the referral so that any future orders are assigned to them.

At it's most simple, an affiliate link make send a user to your brand homepage.

How to set up an affiliate link

  1. In the affiliate panel (either as a client or staff) click 'Add Affiliate Link.
  2. Enter a destination URL and display name (for your reference)
  3. Add the link. You will be given an affiliate link that can be shared.


Allowed affiliate domains

Your clients can't just set redirects to any website. For security reasons the domain they set as a redirect destination needs to be added as a domain under settings>domains

Setting a default affiliate link destination

You can set a default affiliate link destination under settings>affiliatesunder Default Link Redirect.

Changing the referral cookie lifetime

Under settings>affiliates you can change the length of the time the referral cooke is valid. You can set the number of days.

Within that period, any signups will be credited to the referrer whose link was used.