How to Link NetEarthOne with Upmind

NetEarthOne is a domain registrar based on the LogicBoxes platform. You can link NetEarthOne with Upmind in order to sell and manage domain names.

Details Needed

You will need to obtain the following information in your NetEarthOne account.

  1. Your Reseller Id. You can get this on the top right under your profile.

  1. Your API key. You can get this from Settings > API
  2. You will also need to whitelist the following IP addresses

Connecting to Upmind

  1. In Upmind, navigate to Host Control > Domain names > Registrars.
  2. Select NetEarthOne from the list of providers. You will need to enter your Reseller ID and API Key.
  3. Hit Create. Then you should be fully connected.
  4. Verify the information on the Settings page.

That is it! Your account is now linked.