* How to Manage Multiple Webservers

Use dynamic configuration to deploy to specific servers

As you grow a hosting business, you may end up with tens or hundreds of web servers. These may be a combination of physical servers where you have root access, reseller accounts where you have reseller access, and a split between different hosting control panels like cPanel and Plesk.

There are a few ways that Upmind makes it easy for you to manage large numbers of servers.

Dynamic configuration

Dynamic configuration allows you to deploy to specific servers when criteria are met. Here are two examples:

  1. You may offer three locations: New York, London, and Singapore. These are chosen by the client as product options when ordering. If a client chooses London, the system would deploy to a server set to London.

  2. You may offer two tiers of cPanel hosting. The packages are identical apart from one server is higher specification than the others. You can use a meta configuration to provision to the higher specification servers only.

Enable/Disable Configuration

Disabling a provision configuration prevents any provision functions being executed against it, including new and existing orders.

Moving sites between servers

If you move a website between servers you need to update the record in Upmind. To do this, navigate to the control product and go to the Manage tab. You can then select the new server from the drop-down. Hit 'Get Info' to refresh the data.