Managing TLDs

Upmind offers advanced configuration options

What is a TLD

TLD stands for Top Level Domains. It refers to the extension at the end of a domain (e.g. .com, .net, .ninja.)

Each TLD may have separate rules and registration conditions and are provided by a number of different registries.

You usually sell domains (if you are not ICANN accredited) through a domain wholesaler such as OpenSRS, Hexonet, or Enom. However, you may also go directly to the registry such as Nominet or CentralNIC.

Each registry and/or wholesaler may offer different prices for each domain, and so Upmind offers an advanced level of configuration options when selling domains.

Which domain registrar to use?

Upmind is provider agnostic. We have integrations for the following. We include sign up links to their website. As we add more registrars they will be added to the below list.

Domain ProviderSign up LinkConfiguration Requirements
Enom and password
Hexonet and password
OpenSRS and API Key
Nominet and EPP Key
ResellerClubReseller ID and API Key
NetEarthOneReseller ID and API Key

You can integrate with multiple domain registrars. You can also integrate with the same registrar multiple times (for instance if you have two separate Enom accounts).