Importing Tickets from SupportPal?

Import tickets and messages from SupportPal into Upmind

SupportPal is a support desk application that provides standalone customer service tools. It is often used in combination with WHMCS. SupportPal is an API-driven application that also provides a front end. It is self-hosted.

What can be imported?

We can import SupportPal client data and Ticket information. If a client exists in Upmind tickets will be matched to them using email. If a client does not exist they will be created as a lead.

How to import from SupportPal

Importing from SupportPal is a simple process.

First, ensure you whitelist the following IP addresses on your SupportPal instance:

  1. Go to Settings -> Imports.

  2. Click Create New Import.

  3. Enter the URL as the URL of your SupportPal installation. If this is, then you would enter You do not need to include /admin.

  4. Enter your API username and password.

  5. Click Save.