How to add Enhance webserver

Enhanceis a hosting control panel software that lets you run a shared or dedicated hosting platform.

The Enhance integration on Upmind allows you to provision, manage, suspend and terminate Enhance accounts. This lets you sell Enhance web hosting.

What you will need

  • A server running Enhance. This can either be a server you run yourself, or a reseller account running the Enhance control panel.
  • An Upmind account

Generate an Access Token in Enhance

In Enhance you need to generate an Access token. This is done in your Enhance control panel under settings> Access Token.

When creating an access token, for now you need to grant Super admin permissions. We recommend to not to set an expiry date. We understand Enhance will be making more suitable granular permissions in the near future.

Once the token is created, make a note of the org-id and the access token itself.

Linking Enhance to Upmind

In Upmind you should add Enhance as a provision configuration. You can either do this

  • On the sidebar clickHost Control > Web Servers> Add New
  • On the sidebar go to Settings > Provision Configurations> Add New

You should fill it out as follows:

  1. Use a server name that describes your server to you. You may just want to use the Enhance control server name or give it a more familiar name.
  2. Under the Provision Category of Web Hosting, choose Enhance as the hosting panel type
  3. Enter your hostname, org id and access token
  4. Click Create'

That's it! Enhance is added as a web server.

Create packages

When you create hosting packages in Upmind, you can now choose Enhance as a server option. You will be asked for the package identifier.

This package identifier is the package id you see when adding the package in Enhance under Settings> Packages

In this example the package identifier is **1**In this example the package identifier is **1**

In this example the package identifier is 1