How to Create Notifications

Automate notifications with triggers

This article shows you how to create a notification (an action) based on a trigger. You learn how to choose a trigger, select parties to notify, and format the message.

Opening the Automation page

Create and edit actions on the Automation page.

  1. Log in to your Upmind account.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Actions tile.
  • Upmind displays the Automation page with the Actions and Triggers menu tabs.

Actions and Triggers menu tabs

Reviewing current actions and triggers


Click the Actions menu tab to review the list of current notifications. Upmind comes loaded with 20+ actions. Any custom action you create displays on this page, too. The page also shows app integrations, such a Slack.

  • Click an icon to see a list of all actions associated with that notification channel.

A list of current notifications


Click the Triggers menu tab to review the list of options. Upmind comes loaded with 30+ categories of triggers. Each category has a different number of specific triggers, from just a couple to more than ten.


Trigger categories

Creating a new action

  1. Click the Actions menu tab.
  2. Click the Add action button.
  3. On the next screen, check the toggle to ensure the action is Enabled.
  4. Enter a name for the action.
  5. Select an app.

Enter a name for the action

Adding a trigger

The next step is to select one trigger that matches your intended action.

  1. Click the trigger field.
  2. Enter a search term. (optional)
  3. Scroll through the list.
  4. Check the box that matches your action.

Check the box that matches your action

Selecting a party

  1. Click the field next to, "Who do you want to notify?"
  2. Select an option on the drop-down menu.



The list of options varies with the notification channel and your current configuration. In this example, there is only one option (Brand) for Slack.


Select an option on the drop-down menu

  1. Scroll down to the Template section.
  2. Create a notification message.
  3. Use Twig syntax to insert code snippets
  4. Click Save.


Click to learn about message syntax with Twig.


Use Twig syntax to add code snippets

Viewing the notification

Upmind sends out the action message when the trigger event occurs.

  • The screenshot below shows a message sent to Slack, as stated above, when a client responds to a ticket.

Upmind sends the action message

Editing an action

  1. Go to the Automation page.
  2. Locate the action.
  3. Click the gear icon.
  4. Click Edit to modify.
  5. Click Delete to remove the action.

Modify an action